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Nurture and Play -
mentalizing based parent-child interaction intervention
Nurture and Play - parent-child intervention is a short-term intervention based on Theraplay-therapy
( and mentalizing theory.  Through active, playful interaction sessions utilizing
embodied mentalizing, e.g., reciprocal activities focusing on synchronicity and mirroring, and
explicit mentalizing through reflective videofeedback  with the parents the aims are :
             the child's agency through developmentally attuned play 
      Nurture and Play can be delivered to one parent-child dyad, family setting (Nurture and Play- Family) or in a group,
      starting already in pregnancy (Nurture and Play- Group). It is designed as an easily delivered preventive intervention
      applicable to be used in various settings (home visits, clinical settings). It  can be combined with other ways of working
      with parents and children, or as a mini-intervention in itself.  In Nurture and  Play there are ca. 6 meetings (NP-F), or 4
      (pregnancy)+ 8  (parent-infant) meetings (NP-Group).  The age group is between 0-7.
             The learning objectives are:

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